Web Development & Design Internship – Company & Position Description


Internship Code: SICP33
Internship Location: Bondi Junction, Sydney
Number of Employees: 4

Company Profile

We were established in 2003 with a desire to provide web-based solutions that are not only functional but contribute significantly to a client’s business objectives.

Our expertise is in providing web-based applications customised to our client’s needs. We understand business. We understand the technology. We can seamlessly blend technology with your business to deliver a solution which is elegant, suitable, on time and within budget.

Our mix of skills include:

  • Business analysis
  • Technical development
  • Creative design

Our partners have enjoyed years of IT experience in a variety of industries. We have a proven ability in implementing robust web-based solutions for large corporations, government departments and tertiary educational institutions. We also use this knowledge to develop solutions for small and medium sized professional businesses.

Our passion for the Internet means that we are attuned to the latest technologies. We enjoy what we do, and this translates into leading edge websites and web-based systems that add significant value to our clients’ organisations.

Internship Duties

Duties will depend on the skills/experience of the intern and fall into one of the following roles:

Website Designer Intern

  • Website Interface Design
  • Banner Design
  • Flash Design / Programming
  • HTML / CSS Coding
  • Online Research / Competitor Analysis

Front End Coder Intern

  • HTML / CSS Coding
  • DHTML / Javascript Coding
  • Online Research / Competitor Analysis

Backend Programmer Intern

  • Website Development (in Coldfusion)
  • Website Database Development (SQL server / MySql)
  • Online Research / Competitor Analysis

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