Summer Internships in Australia

Summer Internship Information & Position Descriptions:

Australia Summer Internships – What’s it all About?

Each year Intern Options place students and graduates into Australian companies under the Summer Internship Programme.

Summer Internship placements are for a minimum of 10 weeks, preferably 12 weeks so you get the most out of your time in Australia.

We can place you on the summer internship programme between the months of May/ June and September so you go back to university with some really good work experience on your CV.

We can also place you under the Graduate Internship programme for 3 to 6 months and can start you at any time during the year.

All positions are unpaid training positions, perfect for getting great experience and kick-starting your career.

Outside of summer placements we place a lot of new graduates who are looking to pick up some really good experience for between 3 and 6 months. This programme is perfect if you are looking to take a gap year after university/ college but don’t want to have a gap on your CV.

For more information on this please see the Professional Internships page.

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Summer Internship Areas

Under our Summer Internship programme we can place you into just about any type of internship position in Australia. The only places we can’t place into are banking and medical (hospital) internships. Have a look at the specialist Australian internship pages below for specific subject information and company and position examples:


Am I Eligible

You will need to be eligible for the Australian Working Holiday Visa, this allows you to undertake an internship for between 10 and 26 weeks. To be eligible for this visa you will need to hold a passport from a country that has a Working Holiday arrangement with Australia, if you are unsure please see the list of countries on the Australian Immigration website. You will also need to either be currently studying, a graduate or have experience in the subject area you will be undertaking your internship in, to be eligible for this programme.

Summer Internships – Paid or Unpaid

While we would love to offer every student a paid summer internship in Australia, unfortunately this is not realistic. There are a couple of main reasons for this, firstly no Australian employer will hire a paid employee for a 3-4 month internship without interviewing you. Secondly the positions and work experience we can place you into are far higher level than we could if it was a paid position. So although it is a shame we can’t get you paid roles it will mean the learning and experience you will have on your CV will set you up for your future career.

How do we Place you

The way that we will find the right opportunity for you is when you apply we take your CV and discuss it with the companies in Australia who meet the brief you give us. All the employers we work with know you are there to learn, so you won’t be stuck making the tea, or doing the photocopying, you will be getting real tasks and assignments to pick up as much experience as possible.

The benefit of this approach is that we will not try and fit you into a position that already exists, we will be talking with employers about a summer internship that fits to your needs. We will either sit down personally with each company or talk to them regularly on the phone to sell you and your abilities.

When to Apply

We get the most applications for our Summer Internships programme in February and March. This gives us 4 to 5 months to talk with employers in Australia to find you a really great internship. At the least we need around two months to find and negotiate you a placement and to allow enough time to have your visa processed, but the earlier you can have your application to us the more time we will have to find you a really good job.

Programme cost

The total programme cost for our Internship Programme is A$1200 (use to convert to other currencies), this is made up of a A$400 deposit with your application to allow us to start talking to employers on your behalf. Once we have found and negotiated you a placement then a final payment of A$800 to secure your position is required. You will need to fund all living expenses as well as flight, insurance and visa cost, outside of our placement fee. For a detailed breadown of living costs in Australia please see our Australian Internship Page.

What’s included in the Programme

Our placement fee includes the following:  

1) Your placement/ internship designed to your specifications and confirmed before leaving the UK (or home country)

  • Internship contract stating duties, working hours, obligations of employer, employment duration and contact person.
  • Phone and/ or email contact with employer

2) Full support during application including assistance with:

  • Setting up an Australian bank account
  • Flights to Australia
  • Visa application and supporting documentation
  • Phone interview
  • Finding accommodation before you arrive – to your budget

3) Advice and Support while in Australia including:

  • Insurance covering the intern during the placement (separate to travel insurance)
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Weekly social meet-up with other interns
  • Discounts on various Sydney attractions

How to Apply for my Internship

To apply for the Professional Internships programme please see the How to Apply page for step by step instructions

If you have any questions or would like to talk through what we can offer you, please let the Intern Options team know. You can email us on

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