Sports Journalism Internship – Company & Position Description


Internship Code: SGA29
Internship Location: Ultimo, Sydney
Number of Employees: 10 (Sydney office)

Company Profile

We specialise in providing sports information for use by the media, whether as background or during an event. We can deliver all the kinds of ‘facts & figures’ and past results and records about an event or sport that are required by broadcasters and written press, as well as Biographies of competitors.

This information can be delivered in many forms – either in media guides, or online to a standard media info system, or we can deliver the info system as well. During an event, we specialise in delivering the news team to gather information from the sports competitions, delivering what the media need, when they need it

We have worked on several major events in the past eight years, including delivering the full project – Games News Service, background data, biographies – for the Asian Games Doha 2006, and Rugby World Cup 2003 and 2007.

We have delivered News Service members for Athens Olympic Games 2004, FIFA World Cup 2002, Goodwill Games 2001 as well as events such as the Gymnastics World Championships 2005 and other World Championships and World Cups. We can deliver either the news service, or the background data, or the combined services, with our in-house statisticians working as part of the news teams to deliver a premium service.

Internship Duties

All work will be under supervision and to an agreed work assignment.

  • Involves researching on the Internet, using handbooks and media guides, magazines etc
  • Attention to detail and accuracy are essential
  • Additionally researching team/ coach/ referee profiles as needed via internet or occasional one-on-one interviews
  • Assist with live scoring – helping to add scores from current events
  • Researching of Athlete information for Biographies
  • Assist with ‘historical’ research on past events, checking scores/results etc

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