So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already tempted by the idea of an internship in Australia, and probably you’re wondering what happens next after you apply…  Well here we are, the 7 steps until your touch down in Australia… Step 1 – Enquire Hopefully you’ve got a good idea of the field in which […]

You may have already decided that you would like to do an internship… maybe you’ve been planning it for months… At some point though, you need to stop thinking about it and get the process moving!  This article gives you the lowdown on how long it will actually take to get everything sorted for your […]

If you’re thinking about doing an internship, chances are your main objective is to gain valuable work experience in industry. If you do yours in Australia, you can work in your chosen industry AND have a fantastic travel adventure! Intern Options can certainly help you find an internship placement in Australia, but we are not […]