Finding accommodation for your internship


Intern Options is able to arrange a variety of accommodation options throughout Australia.  We ensure that your accommodation is suitably located to your internship company with accessible public transport options.  Please consider the following options when deciding which style best suits your needs:


Homestay is a safe and affordable accommodation arrangement for interns. Interns stay with an Australian family or host who provide them with their own bedroom.  Homestay accommodation is a wonderful way to get to know Australia and the Australian way of life.  You will have the opportunity to meet local people, and probably will get to visit places that most tourists would not go to.

Your breakfast and dinner are provided 7 days a week, as well as lunch on Saturday and Sunday,  if you are at home.  Homestay is not a hotel though, your host will want to learn about you and your country as well, but this is a great social option.

Furnished Property / Student Accommodation

Furnished property accommodation offers a range of fully furnished accommodation options. Whether you are travelling, studying or completing an internship, you can choose between affordable short term accommodation in apartments or shared accommodation.

The furnished apartments and shared accommodation houses are all in fantastic and convenient locations.  Whether you need to be close to your internship, universities or the beach, we can arrange a furnished apartment or shared accommodation space that’s just right for you.  In most of our accommodation, you will find other interns, students and travellers close by to socialise with, although here you will also be able to cook your own meals and have your own private space.


Cheap, fun and clean.  A hostel offers a short term accommodation solution whilst you look for a more permanent option.  Hostels provide a fantastic opportunity to establish yourself in a new city and meet new people.  Most rooms are shared with two or three others of the same gender and are centrally located throughout Australia.  This can however work out quite expensive long term, which is why we would recommend either the homestay or furnished apartment options to those with internships longer than 3 months.

*Warning: We have received many reports of accommodation scams.
Students find fantastic apartments for excellent prices on various websites. After enquiring online, the landlord asks for a deposit to be paid into a specific account and explains that the ‘room key will be available on arrival’. The landlord is ‘ALWAYS’ unavailable to meet you in person and is ‘away overseas’. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE ROOM FOR YOURSELF.

Please contact us for further information, prices and an application form.

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