Internship Interview Tips


Once you’ve decided to undertake an internship and submitted your application to Intern Options, you will no doubt start receiving interview offers.  Almost all of us will be interviewed for a position at some stage and this can seem very scary and nerve racking.

An interview for an internship is quite different to an interview for a regular job as it is all about your expectations. The company would like to know what you want to achieve from the internship and what your requirements are.

Here are some tips for you to have a successful interview for an internship;

  1. Read through the company’s website and any articles or material you can find.
  2. Explain what you are looking to gain from the internship.
  3. Ask what type of experience and training they are able to offer.
  4. Explain why you think your learning objectives can be achieved at the company
  5. Speak clearly and be confident.
  6. The company will have viewed your CV & Cover letter before the interview so would be aware that English may not be your first language.
  7. Call or skype at the arranged time. Not earlier and not later.
  8. Call from a quiet room with no distractions.
  9. Prepare some questions for the company about their history, operations or processes.
  10. Write them an email afterwards to thank them for the opportunity.
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