Want to work in marketing? Use your internship to expand your CV


Marketing is a popular area for people to choose to work in these days, with ever expanding opportunities as more and more companies realise the benefits of working with marketing professionals.  In marketing you can work across a range of different industry areas, so whatever it is you may be interested in, you can probably find a marketing position which would suit you!

However, it is also one of the most competitive areas to find work in as a recent graduate.  You could give yourself the edge by gaining some valuable work experience in your chosen marketing area through completing an internship.

We are able to place our interns in a huge range of different marketing positions, so however far fetched your fancy, just let us know, as there will be something out there for you.  You can read some example job descriptions from a whole host of different marketing placements below, and we have many, many more on offer…

So, if marketing is the career you are looking for, make sure that you send us an enquiry now for an internship experience that will boost your CV and kickstart your new career.

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