Applying for your internship – 7 steps to success


So, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already tempted by the idea of an internship in Australia, and probably you’re wondering what happens next after you apply…  Well here we are, the 7 steps until your touch down in Australia…

Step 1 – Enquire

Hopefully you’ve got a good idea of the field in which you want to gain further experience and training, so the first step is to read through the example internships on this website to get an idea of what an internship is about.  These are only a small sample of what is currently available so if you don’t see your ‘perfect internship’ listed then please enquire using the enquiry form and detail your specific requirements.  We will carefully read through your application and requirements and send you further information about fees, visa, insurance, process, etc

Step 2 – Application

At this point, it’s a good idea to have a think about how an internship will benefit you, and make sure you are clear about your goals and the experience you would like.  Then when you decide to go ahead, request an application form. The application form must be completed and returned with your CV & Cover Letter.  We will assess all this information and will probably already have a good idea about which company would offer you the greatest experience.  We are ready to answer all of your questions and available for a phone or Skype meeting.

Step 3 – Deposit

Once you have made up your mind that you want to take a big step in your career, then it is time to make an initial deposit. We will send you an invoice with all the details you need.  Once the payment has arrived with us, then we will confirm receipt and send you a warm welcoming email.

Step 4 – Interview & Placement

Our experienced internship placement team will personally match your specific learning requirements with a skilled & professional host company from our large company database.  A phone or Skype interview with the company will be arranged at a time to suit you. If you are pleased with the host company and if they are happy to accept you then we will arrange an agreement to secure your internship. At this stage, the final placement fee is due.

Step 5 – Final Arrangements

It is now time to apply for the Working Holiday Visa (417 or 462), book your flights, arrange your insurance (which must cover personal liability while you are at the internship) and sort out an accommodation. Don’t get stressed!!! We will assist you with all these things and answer all of your questions along the way.

Step 6 – Arrival

Once you have waved goodbye to your family, friends & pets then sit back and relax….you are on the plane to Australia!!!  It is easy to catch a taxi from the airport to your new home but we can arrange an airport transfer if needed. After sleeping off the jetlag, come to our Sydney office to say ‘G’day!’. You will receive a Welcome Package which will assist in making your first few weeks in Sydney a little easier and we can hook you up with a mobile sim-card.

Step 7 – Internship Start

Arrive on the first day with your eyes & ears open ready to learn. The company will give you a comprehensive induction and run through the training plan for the duration of your placement.

Sound good?  Then make sure you start now with Step 1, and…

Enquire Now

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