Planning your Internship…


You may have already decided that you would like to do an internship… maybe you’ve been planning it for months… At some point though, you need to stop thinking about it and get the process moving!  This article gives you the lowdown on how long it will actually take to get everything sorted for your internship, so you can make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Summer Work Experience

When you are planning your internship, please be aware that positions are in extremely high demand from June/July – September each year.  This is because it is the UK summer holidays and post graduation for a lot of our interns.  If you want to start yours around this time, make sure that you apply early so that we can start searching for a place for you.

You can fit an internship into the summer holidays, as they are between 2 and 6 months in length, but remember that you will be working full time during this period, so you will only have weekends free for sightseeing.

Decision Making & Finalising Placements

First things first, you need to tell Intern Options what sort of position you are looking for and the earliest date you would be available.  You can do that straight away by filling in our enquiry form.

When we receive your enquiry, we will send you some example placements in your area and if you’re still interested we will ask you to submit an application.  More details about applying can be found on the “How to Apply?” page.

Once we receive your application, we will start sending it out to a selection of companies offering placements in your career area.  Interviews are arranged with the employers, and when you are offered a place we can start to finalise the internship agreement.  Typically, this whole process takes about 2 months, but it can be longer depending on how high the demand is for those placements.

Stay Flexible

For the highest chance of success, try to be flexible with your availability, your perfect placement might well be due to start a month later than you hoped for.  You will also need to make sure that you give yourself time to arrange flights, accommodation and your visa.  Visit the “Internship visas” page for more information about the visa that you will need.

Flights & visa already booked?… Your working holiday visa is valid for 12 months, and you are entitled to spend up to 26 weeks (6 months) of that time working for an individual company.  So if you are already heading off to Australia but haven’t yet applied for your internship, then don’t panic, we have placements starting at all times of the year.  All you need to do is make sure you have enough time left on your visa to cover the length of your placement.

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